TX SREC Meeting Summary: August 6, 2016

This Saturday’s agenda was originally supposed to only contain training, and party updates, for SREC members and county chairs but a special short meeting was added to the call by Chairman Mechler to ratify his SREC Committee appointments that morning. We received this list of appointments on Tuesday, August 3rd via email.    

After reviewing the appointments, it was clear to me that they did not fairly represent the diversity of the SREC body, take advantage of the experienced members, along with utilizing the extreme talent within the body and dramatically reduced the size of important committees. For these reasons, I voted to postpone the ratification of these appointments until our September meeting, as it has been in the past. If you are interested, the debate over whether to postpone, or not, may be viewed here


The rest of the day was filled with reports on the TX Voter ID case ruling, social media messaging to win, minority outreach efforts, Mighty TX Strike Force, TX Victory 2016, and in a combined effort, the RPT, TFRW, Abbott U, and TRCCA are hosting GOTV trainings all over the state. There is so much energy leading up to the Nov 2016 Election, don’t miss it!!


Register here for Summer Leadership & GOTV Training in August.


If you would like more information regarding ANY of these efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact me and please know that you are welcomed to join us at the SREC September 10th meeting in Austin!

For God and For Texas,

Tanya Robertson, SREC SD11 


Mark your calendars now with all of these important dates!


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