SREC 4th Quarter Meeting Highlights (Updates)

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the healing prayers said while I was recovering from my neck surgery. They worked and I am well on my way to building up my stamina. God is good all the time and He answers our prayers!
This SREC meeting was greeted by wet, cold weather but it always brightens my day when I see concerned grassroot Republicans from all over Texas, and especially from #TeamSD11! (Newly elected Galveston County SD11 District Chair, & representative on the 2016 RPT Platform Committee, H Scott Apley was in attendance, as well as Jeff Larson, our representative on the 2016 RPT State Convention Rules Committee.)
(Congratulations to Bianca Gracia, HCRP Pct Chair & part of #TeamSD11, on her new job as RPT Latino Engagement Director!)
Friday’s SREC Committee Meetings:
The Resolutions Committee took up the task of recommending the SREC’s 3 Legislative Priorities for this upcoming session. Quite a few were submitted but after much discussion, the committee agreed to these three:
1) Working to advocate for comprehensive school choice in a manner consistent with the RPT Platform. (Plank 147) 
2) We support denial and/or withdrawal of public funds for entities public and/or private, not in compliance with immigration laws, including sanctuary cities.
3) Protect the citizens of Texas from unlawful encroachments on their First Amendment rights, including Constitutional religious liberty and freedom of speech, and as specified in the RPT Platform plank 153.
When they moved on to Resolutions submitted to consider, time was very limited. The Election Integrity Resolutions were tabled until the next SREC March meeting, with more information being gathered. A Resolution in Favor of Protecting Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association was passed to consider on the floor at our Saturday general meeting, as was a Resolution for the State of Texas to Secure its Electric Grid.
Then I was on to the committee that I serve on, the Volunteerism Committee. Every two years, the RPT hosts a banquet for the 31 Volunteers of the Year, selected by each senate district SREC members. (If you remember, our beautiful friend from Brazoria County, Joy Weiner, was SD11’s Volunteer of the Year in 2015.) This event involves a lot of planning, coordinating, fundraising, data gathering/entry, and communicating ….. it’s so worth it to honor these hard working Texans.
Fortunately, I was able to sit in on the Legislative Committee meeting for a bit. They are in the process of figuring out what types of resources and training they will create, on top of advocating for our RPT Legislative Priorities.
Because our committee meetings are double booked, SREC members don’t get to see or hear what happens in the meetings we are unable to attend. I am so thankful for the patriots who live stream, and report on, them so we know what to expect to vote on Saturday.
After our meetings, we were shuttled off to a Christmas gathering graciously hosted by Lt Gov Patrick at the gorgeous Caswell House.
Saturday general meeting: 
During our worship service, we were treated with lovely Christmas carols by Pastor Rex Johnson’s family, followed by a short message and prayer.
A motion was made, and approved, to move committee reports to the beginning of the meeting due to the meeting ending early.
Replacement of our RPT Secretary.
Reports on Victory 2016 and our 2017 Budget were given.
Chair of the Rules Committee, Melinda Fredricks, presented her request for a ruling from Chairman Mechler on Rule 18, voted on and adopted by over 8,000 delegates to the Republican Party of Texas State Convention. Here is Chairman Mechler’s reply letter to her, provided to SREC members in our packet Saturday morning. A video of the questioned amendment to Rule 18 from the RPT State Convention Rules Chair giving his report was played for the body.
Why is this one issue so important, you may ask?
If you went to our state convention, did you take the time to read the rules packet? Do you pay attention to amendments being presented from the floor and vote on them?  Of course you do!!! The SREC debated, and voted, on whether your vote at the state convention was relevant or not, period.
READ the statement signed by MOST of the RPT State Convention Rules Committee members standing for the voice of the delegates.
* Added 12/13/16 Very thorough, easy to understand, write up on the accounts during the by-law ruling debate: Did they know what they were doing?
The debate on Chairman Mechler’s ruling on Rule 18 continued…… and numerous roll call votes.
See how all SREC members voted and read reports, as witnessed, from around the state:
Last, but not least, Candy Noble, Chair of the SREC Resolutions Committee, gave her report. We first took up the 3 SREC Legislative Priorities …. listed above under Friday committee meetings. All passed with an addition of campuses to #2.
Two Resolutions came to the floor for a roll call vote and passed:
These Resolutions were important to pass ahead of the legislative session due to the submission of the Ethics Bill filed last session, that was deemed unconstitutional by our TX AG along with Gov Abbott, and due to the lack of traction the Electric Grid legislation made in the House last session.
Gov Abbott, and his wife Cecilia, hosted a lovely Christmas Party after the meeting.
Should new information come to light after this is posted, I’ll add it to the bottom of this post.
It’s an honor to represnt #TeamSD11!
For God and For Texas,
Tanya Robertson, SD11 SREC

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